litewave  Wall Strip Lights, Strip Light Kits, Fibre Optic Star Kits, and Spotlights

Colour your home with LED Lighting

Welcome to Litewave ®, registered in 1999.  We have been involved with LEDs since the late 80’s and love what we do.  We specialise in buiding LED Light Strips into the room to create an ambient mood light.  Done properly, it will create clean professional appearance that compliments the room, rather than simply sticking a piece of light strip on the wall. Our Strip Light Kits are branded and use our own Litewave Strips – designed to last, with high spec LED Drivers, and Controllers.

The products we developed from 2006 onwards are still in use around the world, from people’s home, to cruise ships, limousines, bars, restaurants and hotels.   We could save you costly mistakes and from buying low class LED Lighting products that are less than ideal.

Custmoised wiring diagrams and schematics are supplied with our products making installation fast and easy.

LED Strip Lights used to light a perimeter around Roof Lantern

High Quality LED Strips

For long use in the home and other archtectural settings we highly recommend using our Professional LED Strip includes up to 130 additional components per Metre to ensure reliability and a trouble-free lifetime.

LED Mood Lighting

Our LED Mood Lighting can be used to create stunning effects. There are various ways of creating ambient or mood lighting effects, from LED Spotlights, to smaller Plinth Lights, Strip Lights, Modules or Fibre Optics to create star-like effects.

Fibre OpticStar Lights in Bathroom Ceiling

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